Region of Veneto - Labour Section is a public law body of the Veneto region. It has the mission to promote the employment, the inclusion and the economic development in the region. It performs this function by organizing information and guidance services for education, training and work, promoting active employment policy measures such as vocational training, training for apprentices, targeted measures for the re-employment of workers.

As a part of the managing authority of the ESF OP in Veneto region, the Labour Section implements some parts of the program of the European Social Fund.

The main intervention fields of the Labour Section are: Labour Policies; Lifelong learning; Outplacement; Eures; ESF; Apprenticeship; Guidance for young people; Programmes for disabled people.

The Regional Labour Section has direct competences in implementation of active labour policies aimed to unemployed and employed people in order to develop their competences and facilitate their entrance/stay in the labour market.


Website: www.regione.veneto.it