What is AVATAR

Students that attend the vocational education and training paths show learning difficulties that refer to environmental, relational and emotional causes. It can be linked to particular family situations, wrong teaching method and deep cultural factors. During the school years these difficulties appear with a more evident complexity in facing cultural and scientific subjects or, better said, the subjects for which students are asked to carry out abstraction and logic activities. To support and facilitate these students it’s important that teachers and trainers have at their disposal tools that facilitate, among the students, the learning in cultural and scientific subjects.

With the aim to improve, assist and support teaching and learning activities through using innovative tools and methodologies, the Leonardo da Vinci TOI project “AVATAR” - AVATAR: un mondo virtuale per l’apprendimento – aims at providing teachers and trainers of 4 European nations (UK, IT, DE and TR) with knowledge and tools necessary to define and carry out training activities through the virtual worlds, adapting and transferring the learning areas e-Learning and Virtual Learning (V-Learning), the instruments and didactic contents created in the previous project Comenius AVATAR.

By doing that, the knowledge that may seem more abstracted to students, can have immediate applicability and can become more respondent to the students’ learning of vocational schools and more relevant for their work.